Ambrosia Marbella, The Costa del Sol’s First Gourmet Market is Born
Ambrosia Marbella

Ambrosia Marbella, The Costa del Sol’s first gourmet market is born:

From July 24th Ambrosia will be serving the public with a space of 1,000 square meters, 250 meters from the heart of Puerto Banús, easily accessed and with ample parking, in the area of La Alzambra.

With an investment of around half a million euros, the project, called Ambrosia, is presented as “an evolution of our forgotten village squares and traditional central markets, into a market of culinary art that combines three features: the on-site tasting of natural or prepared products, the selling of food and drinks for daily or occasional consumption, as well as delicatessen of national and international origin, plus the organising of special events.

Ambrosía Mercado Gourmet plans to bring gourmet and luxury food to the area’s residents and visitors.

Ambrosía will be much more than your usual market, its aim is to create an environment where food shopping becomes an enjoyable experience through buying, tasting and learning about food. The supermarket will sell specialty food from countries around the world, as well as a large range of fresh and organic fruits and vegetables. Furthermore, there will be a butcher and a fishmonger. Ambrosía will also boast a modern bar and an indoor/outdoor seating area so that you can have un tapa y cerveza from their cervecería. The market hopes to become one of Puerto Banus’ cool hubs where locals and tourists alike can chill out and relax. With all this on offer, food shopping will actually become something you want to do!

Ambrosia Marbella Costa del Sol


Wednesday January 27th, 2016